The Eight I'd Really Rather You Didn'ts

The sacred commandments that were given to Mosey the Pirate by the Flying Spaghetti Monster Himself. This is the story that has been handed down for hundreds of years by generations of the Pastafarian faithful:
While brooding atop Mount Salsa because he cannot find a Pirate ship, Mosey the Pirate captain receives some advice from the Flying Spaghetti Monster in the form of ten stone tablets. These were called the I'd Really Rather You Didn'ts by the Flying Spaghetti Monster, the "Commandments" by Mosey, and the "Condiments" by his Pirate gang. While there were originally ten I'd Really Rather You didn'ts, two were dropped on the way back down the mountain, with eight remaining. This event "partly accounts for Pastafarians' flimsy moral standards." The Flying Spaghetti Monsters commandments address worship of Him, the treatment of people of other faiths, sexual conduct, and nutrition.


I'd Really Rather You Didn't Act Like A Sanctimonious Holier-Than-Thou Ass When Describing My Noodly Goodness. If Some People Don't Believe In Me, That's Okay. Really, I'm Not That Vain. Besides, This Isn't About Them So Don't Change The Subject.

I'd Really Rather You Didn't Use My Existence As A Means To Oppress, Subjugate, Punish, Eviscerate, And/Or, You Know, Be Mean To Others. I Don't Require Sacrifices, And Purity Is For Drinking Water, Not People.


Entregate al Placer - Cadbury

Apenas abro un chocolate, el aroma invade mis sentidos. luego su textura y color me sumergen en un intenso placer. Entro en un mundo donde me conecto con mis emociones. se deshace suave y cremosamente en mi boca y es mi momento. Cada bocado, más placer. Podría hasta decir que soy otra. Me siento una reina envuelta en el placer intenso y único que me da el chocolate en ese instante de gloria que es sólo mío.
Entregate al placer.

Y yo pensé que era fanática del chocolate XD